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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few thoughts

It's been a busy few days for me. Beautiful moon the past few nights and mornings! I sleep right next to my window so I usually do a little peep in the morning once I've woken up to see what time it is. Since the days have gotten longer, it's still usually quite dark when I get up.

I always try to take advantage of planting while the moon is waxing- and towards the full moon. Everything always sprouts so much faster because after all, the moon has a scientifically proven gravitational pull which helps  plants grow. During its waxing period, the pull of the moon is upward- encouraging plants to grow faster. During its waning phase, the pull is towards the earth- so it's a good time to plant the root crops and such then. I've got at least 50 arugula plants coming up at the moment, plus two trays of bokchoy. I'm waiting for everything else to sprout.

I'm also job hunting. Aside from my work now, I'm looking for something else to help me start saving up. No luck so far. Anyone know of any online jobs I can get?

I'm most likely getting married in about 6 months. How crazy is that? Sometimes it feels almost wrong. Yesterday I went for a road trip with my mom and sister. I did most of the driving which was fine until the last two hours (we were driving for about 10 hours). My neck was going spazz and I had a skull-splitting headache which would throb when I'd get up and walk around. Thankfully, it went away when we got back home.

Anyway, I'm quite exhausted tonight. I'll share photos of our trip by and by. In the meantime, it's a great opportunity to just lay on the roof tonight.

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