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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A walk to the river

We took a walk by the river. There were so many beautiful and interesting things to see, and so many things to do.

We saw some black pigs (not in the wild) or half boars. The mom/sow looked very intelligent, and had two little piglets who cracked me up. They cocked their ears when we spoke and looked us straight in the eye with obvious curiosity.

 I got the giggles from looking at this chicken whose feathers all curled up towards her head.  But she was very pleasant. You could almost feel her smiling at you. Yet another reminder not to judge by looks.

And of course, there was the river. The water was so sweet, cool, and clear.  It was perfect for the tropical heat. 

Isn't it amazing how- even when you run, jump, hike, and play in nature somehow you're not quite as tired? After 4 hours of hiking and swimming in the sun (and eating lots!) we were all refreshed. It's definitely a nice change from being radiated all day.

Have a nice week!

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