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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Money matters

I've been extremely busy with my schooling recently. Not much time to do anything else. I've had a pretty good week otherwise. I've got my final's week coming up in a few days, so I've been busy catching on with deadlines.

I've also been worrying a lot about money and trying to figure out how to start making more- enough to start saving.  I was caught rather off guard tonight when one of my very nice and definitely trust-worthy teachers started encouraging me about investing in the projects of one of the biggest companies in the country. I think it's a great idea.  Now to start making enough money to invest! I might have the tiniest share in the company for starters.

I've worried a lot about money since I started to become more aware of it- which started when I was 9-ish. I grew up very comfortably no doubt. We had a family beach house, big houses we grew up in- cars (old as they have always been), etcetera. We just didn't grow up having our own money. Or at least, we hardly would have any. My grandparents would give us money every now and then when they would see us - but my parents rarely gave us money. Now I realize it was because they hardly had any money either. But we never went hungry or felt like we lacked anything.

I'm happy to have been raised in the simplistic way that I was. When I started staying in a lady's dorm I was just relieved I didn't have to have all the bottles of cream, facial cleansers, makeup and what not that the other girls had. Ironically, my skin was better than almost all of the girls there at that time. A coincidence or something for them to think about- I don't know. I have never been much of a dresser (much to Sam's disappointment)- but I look decent enough and dress up when I need to.

Money definitely makes the world go around. It's always best to have some of it on hand or at least have a bit to fall back on.  I wish I could say that right now as I'm running pretty low on funds. Things have just not run so well money-wise in the past two years for me. I always figure though that - just like with other things in life, sometimes you're down, and sometimes you're up.  We try and try and it'll just come. There was that sage who said that there are 3 things that cannot be changed when a person is born- namely, the length of one's life, what one will learn/study, and the amount of money one will earn throughout his/her life. That kind of simplifies things doesn't it? It explains why some people stay poor no matter how hard they try, and some people get rich without even trying.

Anyhow, wish me luck in my money matters. I kinda need it.

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