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Thursday, August 12, 2010


I live in a little compound right by the beach.  Ever since I was a child- I looked forward to the summers when we'd come down to this area and spend a week or more at our family's beach house.  It was always so refreshing to just run on the beach and play in the water.  Almost endless space as far as the eye can see- everything windy, bright, and beautiful.  And so there I was. During summers my black hair would turn light brown, bleached by the sun, and my skin would practically turn black, burnt by long hours playing in the water.

Now of course I'm older and while I love the water just as much as I used to- maybe even more, I don't have enough time to swim all day, everyday.  I live in a little duplex beside our family house.  I can slide open all the big windows and I'm practically outside.  40 feet away is the ocean, in its ever changing ways.

We used to rent out the other little duplex in our property here and just the other day, the people who'd rented it for over three years moved out.  I've been working on fixing up the rented house and the garden, and things are starting to look a lot better again.

It's such a beautiful day here now, and the rains have turned our garden into a mini-jungle.  I'm not complaining.  A little trimming here and there and a little organizing and it's just about as perfect as I can ask for. 

Life's so full of changes.  Good or bad changes, they pass- just as everyone and everything (including myself) will.

In the meantime, it's a beautiful day here.  The winds are high and the waves are good.  The Lillies have gotten the trim they've badly been needing, and the umbrella trees are greener and taller than ever.

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