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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm back on the blogging world.  I've been reading and just lingering around blogs for a long time now, and like I said, I'm not quite sure what this blog will turn out to be.  I just want to write again.

My last blog was one for my fiancee and I to share our cross-cultural and long-distance relationship. But back then we both became somewhat lazy or just weren't ready to share everything about our relationship online.
Well, two years down the road, we're still together and yet apart.  In September it'll have been two whole years since we saw each other last, and we have about eight months to go before we get married.  Come to think of it, we don't even have a set date yet.  So what's the worry?  Skype has been a life-saver for our relationship, that's for sure. We've fought, laughed and cried (just me with the last one) on Skype.  Here's to hoping that it'll be easier when we're actually together and not only just a few thousand miles apart.

About me
Nuts? I don't know how many times I've been called "weird" and told, "Take it as a complement".  I've got my quirks, but who doesn't?  I'm 24 years old, active with community service, I love sports (used to compete), and am a teacher of all sorts.  I have a long list of hobbies- which include anything from gardening to cooking and baking to reading weather maps, cleaning cars and sewing.  I've got 4 other siblings.  I grew up in and still live in the tropics.  I also love to read and eat.

This blog is an outlet for me (and probably my fiancee, later on) to just share our daily lives.

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