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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Lift

I just came from one of the schools we teach yoga asanas at.  Originally I was meant to teach two classes this morning, but I was waiting and waiting and no one came.  I ended up just turning up the music and practicing some of my wushu and did a good hour of asanas.  I just love the lift that I get from doing yoga asanas. 

The funny thing is that in the past years that I'd been practicing yoga asanas, I would grudgingly do it just because well- I had to, if I wanted to teach.  Early this year I enrolled in a Yoga teacher training course (I'm still doing the theory part) and after our intensive with our teachers, I just look forward to practicing yoga asanas.  I actually truly do look forward to my daily session.  I think it was because I realized that - although I may never be as strong and flexible as the person next to me, yoga exercise really is easy and anyone can do it.  Having said that, it really is simply silliness that people compete and force themselves into positions which are actually detrimental for their own health. 

So here I am, two hours after my yoga session- saying I feel great is an understatement.  All the aches, pains, and stiffness has been squeezed or stretched out.  I'm alert but relaxed.  My mind's all calm from the meditation, and I'm all set and ready to deal with all the problems and stresses that inevitably come with life.  Knowing I am helping people feel and have the same thing is one of the wonderful things about teaching yoga as well.  It's fulfilling to know I'm able to help others feel better- physically, mentally, and deep within.  Furthermore, unlike with teaching academic subjects or other types of sports/martial arts, etcetera, teaching yoga asanas isn't all that tiring (of course there are exceptions!).

I love teaching, and I love yoga.

Note: I don't only just teach yoga exercise- I teach academic subjects, martial arts, language, cooking, and the list goes on...

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