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Friday, August 27, 2010

Of Hostage Taking and Pain

The stupidity of how the hostage situation in Manila is astounding. I am very much a news-hound and I have a habit of checking and reading three or four different news websites everyday. I am sad, embarrassed, enraged, and disgusted with the way the whole situation was handled. Of course our new president is not wholly to blame. After all, the cops etcetera - who had been under our previous president for well over 9 years - only got so corrupt and twisted because of the equally (if not more) corrupt leader.

Anyhow, it's painful to think of how those people who lost their loved ones are coping. It was a situation that could have been avoided so easily. It pains me and frustrates me to think of how it turned out. But then of course- sometimes there are just things that we can't seem to control. I suppose this is a good wake up call for the state of our country. It has given us a very clear picture of just how much work and effort needs to be put in to clean the whole act up. It's ironic that the very people who are meant to be the protectors of society end up taking lives, leaving so many people in pain, and huge problems for their country and fellow country men and women.

It's just too bad that real life- more often than not, is more painful than what authors and movie film makers can think of. More often than not life - for many- is an unending nightmare that you never wake up from. Of course- there is light, peace, and shelter to be found away from all the pain of this world too. But most people shun that light like it's some sort of evil force that is out to destroy what they believe is "freedom".

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