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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As a teacher, I encounter all kinds of people and kids. I don't speak here on terms of judging and feeling superior to any of the people I have met- I'm just going to share observations.

Every year- whenever there are typhoons or during times of need, my co-teachers and I put together some sort of a relief effort for the people in our community. We also request different groups of people from this province or the neighboring province to hold seminars and medical missions here. Through the years I've found that humble, and truly sincere people who have lots of money are generally hard to find. Most of them have problems with their children, and in times of need, it'll be hard to get any help from them. On the other hand, in times of need- it's usually the people who are either just making it financially or who are poor- who will be willing to give something to help another person. Why it is that things go that way I'm not sure of. It's just... the way things are most of the time.

One other thing I've noticed is (probably quite obvious) that even the most intelligent child can encounter problems speaking or catching up with their peers if they do not have ample mental, physical, and emotional stimulation. In the very same way, a problematic child and/or a child who has difficulties learning or is a bit slow- can grow and develop very quickly in the right environment. The role of parents and teachers - identical in many ways- is truly a serious matter.

And for an ending note, there are times also when I look forward to meet the children who will be born to me and WBH- if any. There are some children who make me almost hope that I don't have children in case they turn out that way. But of course, there are also children who make me really look forward to when we'll have kids. I guess what happens is in the hands of the Supreme. We'll just wait and see and hope and pray for the best.

Ps. It was a beautiful day here today. Busy as it was, and rather heart breaking, frustrating, and dismaying on the national level- the beauty of nature took away some of the frustration and pain of this sad day.

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